Yoga for Beginners


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Are yoga retreats for beginners?

Are yoga retreats for beginners? The short answer is yes – yoga is for everyone. And the variety of yoga retreats and yoga holidays available in the UK alone is increasing daily. It seems that people are looking to take time out to do something that will relieve some of the stresses of modern life. And, the word is out that yoga might do just that. AND yoga is not really about touching your toes at all. It is a transformative practice that nurtures mind body and soul. And that, surely, is open to everyone?

Different styles of yoga

On our Yogandspice retreats we avoid the energetic ‘hot’ yoga classes which sweat out toxins and tension; though we do include some ‘flow’ styles which move energy in the body. We love restorative classes where you are propped up with bolsters, blankets and cushions to begin the process of letting go. And a lot of the time we teach simpler Hatha style sessions with lots of exploration of the posture and suggestions of modifications.

We do not teach rigorous yoga styles, such as Ashtanga or Sivanand which follow the teachings of a guru and have a set sequence of postures and their students. These can be very powerful as the movements become a sort of mindful meditation but they are not always inclusive in a retreat situation unless everyone has some experience. Nor do we offer Iyengar, which has an emphasis on correct alignment. It’s  a great basis on which to build any yoga practice but can be intimidating for newcomers.

Making your choice

We hope that if you join us you will not be put off by a style of class where the postures are physically too demanding. And nor will you leave feeling the level  was not as challenging as they would like. So how can we achieve both? Well actually it’s not only up to us.

The fact is that if you are a sporty type, you may well be able to participate in a stronger style of yoga with little experience. But it might not be as beneficial to you as a class that helps you to slow down and become more aware, so that will be good too. On the other hand, if you have aches and pains, or are not particularly fit, then you will most likely feel happier in a slower moving class. But if the pace is a little faster and the postures more challenging, we help you find the posture variation that works for you and you may enjoy the challenge.  Moreover, in accepting  the modifications you will learn more than a new posture. There’s a lot more to yoga than correct alignment. But that ‘s all part of your yoga journey.


In the Yogandspice programme some retreats are particularly suitable for beginners. In particular our  Whitby yoga holidays and Yoga and walking holidays will introduce the yoga postures in a way that is accessible to all – starting with traditional Hatha classes. Of course experienced yogis can enjoy these retreats too – and the delights of Whitby, nearby Robin Hoods Bay, the North York Moors and surrounding areas.