Women’s Wellness Retreats

The Yogandspice programme would not be complete without Women’s wellness retreats. The chance for women to come together Valley View to honour the different stages of the female lifecycle. Inspired by the teachings of Uma Dinsmore Tully’s Yoni Shakti, the yoga and relaxation practices on these week-ends are nurturing and open to all.  The posture work supports the specific needs of the female body.

Just for women

The Women’s wellness retreat week-end includes four yoga sessions, with some mantras (sounds) and mudras (hand gestures) to enhance women’s health.  There will be supportive meditation, pranayama (breathing) and plenty of Yoga Nidra (relaxation).  We will allow for plenty of time in nature  – including optional early morning walks and yoga by the waterfall.

Recipes and herbs

Food is an important part of the Yogandspice wellness ethos.  Our meals are nourishing.  There will be a cooking session and a women wellness workshop.  We will look at recipes and herbs  to enhance women’s health and herbs. And in the process consider how Ayurveda, TCM and our own rich culture are able to alleviate the symptoms of many women’s conditions.  We will consider PMT and painful periods, fibroids, conception and infertility, other pelvic health issues,  peri-menopause and menopause


If you are looking to build your energy or improve your sleep patterns, you will leave with some practices to take forward into your life. Or perhaps you want to slow down and relax?  Or simply enjoy taking some time out for yourself? Whatever your aim, you will be able to share and explore what you need with others in a nurturing and supportive environment.

The Women’s wellness retreat two/three night two day breaks start at £400 per for a single room with ensuite bathroom

Women’s wellness 1-4 October 2021