Add to Your Stay

Yoga retreats in Yorkshire and much more

Here at Valley View, we offer you an immersion in nature and a truly seasonal experience.  Our programmes are designed help deepen your understanding of the benefits of yoga and other mindful practices.  We offer a number of optional alternatives to add to your retreat with us so you can create a memorable and uplifting stay in our woodland paradise.

Or if you are tentative about trying yoga we can offer other ways to access the healing power of nature. For the more energetic we offer guided walks, climbing adventures or even navigation lessons. Or if you are looking for grounding we can work with  growing and cooking food and herbs.

Perhaps you wish to deal with a specific issue or to develop an area of interest?  We can help you add to your retreat with:

Different yoga styles

Depending on your level of fitness and your objectives for your yoga practice we teach various yoga styles. These including Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Astanga fusion, gentle and  ‘yoga with a chair’, well women therapy, restorative and family.  We can include breathing/pranayama to enhance your yoga practice, increase vitality and release tension.

The only retreats in Yorkshire with aerial yoga

We are excited to add aerial yoga to our menu.  Aerial is a total body workout which tones muscles and regenerates and strengthens joints.  It improves flexibility and is amazingly helpful where there is an imbalance in the body. When you are upside down the spine is given a chance to decompress.  Aerial has psychological benefits too…how better to clear the mind  than hang upside down?  And it is great fun  – a real mood enhancer.

Aerial yoga practices can be energetic and challenging or restorative and relaxing.  Inversions are the highlight of most classes but they are not obligatory.  The hammock can also be a cocoon and a place of rest – a perfect place to draw your attention inwards and enjoy a Yoga Nidra.


If you are simply looking for time and space for your own meditation practice Valley View is full of beautiful places.  You can use our studio or relaxation room.  Or There are secluded places in our grounds and gardens with inspiring natural vistas – from waterfalls to open skies.  Or, if you would like us to help you develop a meditation practice, whether you are seeking a spiritual or more secular mindful approach, we can work with you.  Our experience includes Hridya (heart centred), Buddhist mindful, focussed (including Triktak/candle gazing) and mantra meditation (using sounds that resonate with your mind/body type).

Diet and lifestyle

‘Gut health’  is a topical subject as we become increasingly aware of the link between diet and physical and mental health. Ayurveda has always taught that illness emanates from the digestive tract.  Ayurvedic wellness coaching helps discover your unique mind body type and where imbalances may be affecting your health. Recommendations include foods, herbs and spices to bring you back into balance.  The Ayurvedic diet can help with chronic digestive and food sensitivities, skin and other health issues. It may also help with weight management, conception and infertility, stress, insomnia and many other conditions.

Plant based  food

Food and cooking are a major part of the experience we provide. Our  Wellness breaks all include Grow, cook and eat sessions.  And these can be added to our other breaks, time permitting. Cooking can also be booked as part of a Wellness consultation and is very helpful where dietary changes are involved. Guests who are particularly interested in vegetarian and vegan cooking or health and nutrition can book cooking sessions. We can also arrange special food and cooking breaks for small groups.

‘Grow your own’ and wildlife cultivation

At Valley View we grow a wide range of organic vegetables, enough to feed ourselves and our guests all year round.  At the same time we endeavour to foster the amazing array of wildlife that is attracted to our protected site.  Mark is passionate about these subjects and is happy to give an informal tour or a more structured workshop. These can be combined with a seasonal cooking lesson or advice on the medicinal properties of herbs in teas or food.

Guided walks, navigation and climbing

There is an amazing variety of walks in the local area and our welcome pack gives some suggestions.  However, if you would like to attempt a long walk or more challenging itinerary, perhaps with wild camping or bushcraft, you may prefer to book a guided session with Mark.  He will discuss your preferences and objectives before choosing a route and help you get the best out of the area you choose.

For the more adventurous retreat seeker, Mark also offers navigation lessons or courses and climbing lessons (single pitch only).

Have a massage during your yoga retreats in Yorkshire

Our lovely therapist Karen offers Indian head and back massage on site.  Sessions are available during all retreats, events and can also be booked by independent travellers. Or for a range of holistic therapies we can arrange for you to visit the amazing Healing Touch