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If the idea of a retreat centre is a little daunting to you, check out some dictionary definitions:

Retreat (n): ‘move back; withdraw from position; quiet time; quiet place; safe place; period of seclusion, flag lowering ceremony!’

‘Holding the fort’ can be exhausting sometimes. We’ve been there ourselves, and taken some knocks. Now we are finding a way forward through living in a simpler and more connected way.

The peaceful surroundings and natural beauty of Valley View  may be all that you need to retreat for a few days. There are few places in the world where you can find such a variety of natural environments within a few miles. From ancient woodland, to rolling hills, from meandering rivers to rushing waterfalls. And from sandy beaches to majestic cliffs, rugged moorland to picturesque villages.

Truly out of the way

2020 has been a strange and very disruptive year. And it is hard to find a beautiful place to stay in the UK that is not overcrowded. We have noticed how guests at Valley View simply relax – because they can.

Yet we are only two miles from Whitby. And you can even walk across country to the supermarket. So no stressful driving in crowds or trying to find somewhere to park.

Enhance your retreat

You may feel that a retreat is just that! In which case you can stay with us and hardly see another soul. But if you think we might be able to enhance your stay there is just so much to do on at Valley View. So before you book take a look at how you can add to your retreat

Animal lovers

We are big time animal lovers and our two cats, Dazzle and Pip and our Labrador,  Rosie, enjoy the ambience of Valley View as much as we do. And they are masters of the art of relaxation.   While, we do not allow our pets to enter guest areas,  you will almost certainly come across them during your stay. We keep happy chickens and ducks in a small paddock and our ponies Millie and Charlie are in a neighbouring field. If you want to be involved in helping us care for our animals we always welcome another pair of hands so just let us know.

If you wish to bring your own furry friend to Valley View we can accommodate this so long as they respect our resident birdlife and the wild ones too.