Rebalance and Detox


Rebalance and detox 

If we look after our digestion we can banish, or minimise, many common ailments.  The Valley View rebalance and detox breaks feature a simple gluten free plant-based diet.  It is a system known as an Ayurvedic Ama Pachana The meals are complemented by toxin burning herbs and teas.

Each participant has a 30 minute individual assessment to determine their unique type.  Then they can choose the foods most suited to them. There is  appropriate yoga and plenty of time in nature.  When you clean up your diet in this way you will feel mentally and physically lighter. And become more aware of which foods do not suit your constitution.

Seasonal food for gut health

Most ancient traditions teach that if we eat food in season the bacteria in our gut will flourish.

Yoga is a part of your detox but can be optional if you would prefer to exercise a different way. You have plenty of time to enjoy the healing power of nature. When you clean up your diet in this way you will feel mentally and physically lighter. And become more aware of which foods do not suit your constitution.

Homegrown vegetables

Unless food is freshly picked it is devoid of ‘qi’ or ‘prana’ – energy.  Growing our own food is a big part of the Yogandspice ethos.   Mark offers advice on growing your own vegetables. Lorraine explains how to use Chinese, Indian and Western herbs and spices. These balance the flavours in a meal and the enhance absorption of nutrients.  We build in foraging trips if appropriate for the season.

Rebalance and detox retreat 24 – 29 September 2021


Ayurvedic wellness assessment

Ayurveda is a transformative practice which encourages us to consider every aspect of how we live. Fortunately many of its principles are not only simple to adopt, they also have profound effects on health and well-being.

At Valley View Retreats we offer Ayurvedic  Wellness consultations to determine your unique body type. The ancient system of Ayurveda sees the body as part of the natural world and recognises the elements of space, air, fire, earth and water at work in the body. A consultation will help determine which elements or ‘doshas’ are  out  and contributing to ‘dis-ease’.

Through diet and lifestyle choices, we can return to wellness. When you recognise your unique body type or constitution and identify which  ‘dosha’ is out of balance we can then suggest how to rebalance so as to regain health. Then we can also provide supporting cooking or yoga sessions if required. Please contact Lorraine to discuss or book an appointment. Cost £60 for first session with written report. £35 for each follow up.

Wellness programme

Your Ayurvedic Wellness programme might include:

The right diet for you based on fresh seasonal plant-based foods and spices that will detoxify, energise and revitalise mind and body.

Yoga postures to develop awareness of the interior movement of your body and help break habits that may be hindering your return to wellness.

Mindfulness and meditation to provide tools to help make sense of our mind so that you can enjoy living in the moment.

Lifestyle considerations in the light of your unique mind body type.

Supporting therapies: massage, oils and other treatments all balance the ‘doshas’ and promote well-being.


Ayurveda to rebalance and detox