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So much to say about Valley View

There’s so much to say about Valley View and the experience we offer our guests. Both the site and our understanding of what makes a perfect retreat is developing all the time.

Just as no two days are the same in this amazing place, no two visitors arrive with the same agenda or expectation. Our mission is to help each individual find something special to take away. This may be very tangible, a yoga sequence that helps bring mind and body back into balance or a new understanding of how to eat for better health. Or it may be totally non-specific, a new feeling of ease and well-being, a different way of seeing the world which makes those same agendas and expectations redundant.

There is no right way to better physical, mental health. Only one that works for you. When I blog, I am usually reflecting on something that has come up for me of one of my students. Or sometimes I am prompted by a questions I have asked or an article I have read. It’s an eclectic approach – but it works for me.

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