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Eat plants

Home grown plant based food

Home grown plant based food

At Yogandspice we serve home grown and plant based food.  We will enjoy showing you the extensive vegetable gardens at Valley View.  Our ethos is vegetarian and we are big supporters of Compassion in World Farming.  However, we welcome the Go Vegan movement.  It has brought a new level of awareness to environmental and animal welfare issues.  So we always offer a vegan option while using carefully sourced dairy products in a few dishes, and eggs from our very happy ducks and chickens.

Vegan nutrition

If you are a vegan who worries about getting enough nutrients Yogandspice cooking lessons and Ayurvedic workshops can help you.  Or if you are considering a vegan lifestyle then we can teach you tasty and nutritious plant based dishes.  Moreover,  if you are neither vegan nor vegetarian we hope we can inspire you to include more vegetables in your diet.  We will show you how to present them in tasty and interesting ways.

Gut health

For optimum gut health, Ayurveda favours plant based diets, and in particular, eating locally grown food in season.  There is a strong Chinese or Asian influence in our cuisine.  We create balance and harmony in the meal with different flavours, textures and colours which help nourish the whole body without overloading the gut.  Ayurvedic recipes use spices to help you absorb vitamins and minerals and often combine rice and pulses to make a complete protein.  For these reasons they are ideal for vegans.

Another key aspect of Ayurvedic eating is avoiding incompatible food combinations as these are often behind digestive and chronic health complaints and food sensitivities.


Detox with home grown plant based food

At Yogandspice we show you how to cook plant based dishes working with Chinese, Indian and our own home grown herbs and spices.  Our seasonal yoga,  Ayurveda in your life and womens wellness week-ends and our Ayurvedic detox programmes all include cooking sessions. Moreover, Lorraine can give dietary advice from both an Ayurvedic and Chinese dietary therapy perspective.  Individual recommendations are part of an  Ayurvedic consultation.

Fresh vegetables

We prefer not to use meat substitutes such as vegan ‘bacon’ or ‘cheese’ in our food.  When we have so much fresh produce to prepare why buy over processed products that emulate meat?  These fake meat products are often made by the same companies that profit from selling animal foods.  Or by big multi-nationals jumping on what they see as a profitable band wagon.  At Yogandspice, we simply use a wide range of seasonal vegetables, grains and pulses and cook them in interesting ways.

The food we grow Valley View is truly fresh – usually picked the same day.  Once you have tasted it you may well be tempted to grow your own too.  Mark offers advice and runs workshops on growing herbs, fruits and vegetables at home and foraging.  And can also help you manage your own garden while encouraging wildlife and minimising impact.