Photograph of Lorrain Clissold Yoga Instructor

One of  Ayurveda’s most potent teachings is that nature is the greatest healer, and now that Yogandspice has moved to Valley View Mark and I enjoy its powers every day – and we can’t wait to to share them with you………………….’

Yoga and cooking

Lorraine Clissold is a seasonal flow yoga teacher, and an Ayurvedic coach. Moreover she has  with a passion for food and cooking and discovering the wisdom of traditional diets. From 1995 – 2005 Lorraine lived in Beijing China. There she discovered Qi Gong and Chinese dietary therapy, presented a food programme on Chinese Central Television and wrote food articles for local magazines. In 2007 she published ‘Why The Chinese Don’t Count Calories’ (Constable).

In China I became aware of the potential of food and exercise to restore and rebalance. The Eastern way is all about nourishment and energising rather than unsustainable weight-loss diets and strenuous fitness programmes’.

Energising and nurturing

It was in China, over 20 years ago, that Lorraine began to develop a regular yoga practice, initially attending classes in Hatha, Bikram and Ashtanga yoga. In the UK Lorraine has enjoyed workshops with David Keil, Leslie Kaminoff and John Scott. She trained as a yoga teacher in Glasgow at the Seasonal Yoga Academy where the practice works with the Chinese Meridian or energy lines. Then she developed her skills at The Yoga Space in Leeds with the Vinyasa Flow intensive and Art of Adjustment courses.  In order to work with schools and with families she completed the Be Yoga Children’s teacher training course in Liverpool.  To add a nurturing aspect to her teachings, she enrolled in Uma Dinsmore Tulley’s Yoga Nidra Intensive and went on to complete Uma’s Well women therapy course. She was recently found flying high in Glasgow with Cloud 9 Yogas’ Aerial yoga teacher training.

‘When I teach flow yoga I help students connect with and move their energy and become aware of how it works in the body. Aerial yoga gives us a different insight which can be transformative. My well women, and gentle yoga classes are developed from Uma’s inspirational teachings; they nurture and revitalise, and bring us closer to our inner wisdom’

Ayurvedic coach

Most recently, Lorraine completed both the Ayurveda Certificate and Diploma courses in Snowdonia with the Dru Yoga Foundation. This sister science to yoga supports health and well-being and helps yoga students both on and off the mat.

‘Ayurveda encapsulates everything I have learnt so far. It has added another dimension to my understanding of food and yoga – and teaches me something new everyday. 

Aside from her passion for all things yogic, Lorraine enjoys spending time with her four interesting children, riding her pony, Millie, and walking with Rosie in the beautiful surroundings of Valley View.