At Valley View

Cooking classes

Plant based food

While there are many different opinions on what constitutes a healthy diet – it is accepted that we should all eat more vegetables. One of the major theme’s of Lorraine‘s book, ‘Why the Chinese Don’t Count Calories‘ is that in China the word ‘cai’ means both a dish of food and a vegetable. In China ‘the vegetables are the dishes’. This is central to our ethos at Valley View.  Yogandspice offers vegan, vegetarian and Ayurvedic cooking classes working with Chinese, Indian, and our own home grown, herbs and spices. We look  at how to balance flavours to nourish the whole body Homegrown foodat different times of year. And our Ayurvedic sessions include recommendations on how to combine foods to aid digestion. And we advise what to eat for different ‘dosha’ or body mind type during our cooking classes.

The dishes we teach are not time consuming to make, although some of the ingredients may be unfamiliar. Introducing ingredients and helping source them, or substitutes, is a key part of every class.

Diet and lifestyle advice

‘Gut health’  is topical. We have become increasingly aware of the link between diet and physical and mental health. Ayurveda has always taught that illness starts in the digestive tract.  Ayurvedic coaching helps discover your unique mind body type and where imbalances may be affecting your health. Recommendations include foods, herbs and spices to bring you back in balance.  It can help with chronic digestive, food sensitivities, skin and other health issues. And also weight management, conception and infertility, stress and insomnia.

‘Grow your own’ and wildlife cultivation

At Valley View we grow  enough organic vegetables to feed ourselves and our guests all year round.  At the same time we foster the amazing array of wildlife in our protected site.  Mark is passionate about these subjects. He can give an informal tours or more structured workshops. You can combined these with a seasonal cooking lesson or learn about the benefits of different herbs in teas or food.