Ayurvedic Wellness

Total wellness

Just spending time at Valley View is often enough to help guests let go of stress and feel fit and healthy. But if you are looking to deal with a niggling health issue or improve your quality of  life you might consider an Ayurvedic wellness break. These wellness diet and lifestyle week-ends are an introduction to a way of living which embraces physical mental and spiritual health. They are best combined with a Wellness consultation.

Nature is the greatest healer and Valley View brings us in touch with all its elements. Traditional world views recognise the importance of keeping our individual inner climate in harmony with the the seasons.  Our wellness breaks help you recognise where you might be out of balance and offer simple diet and lifestyle advice to bring you back.

Our wellness teachings are rooted in Ayurveda also known as  ‘the art of conscious living’.  We help you understand how the elements or ‘doshas’  of  space, air, fire, earth and water work in the body. And, how, when out of balance, the ‘doshas’ create ‘dis-ease’. Through diet and lifestyle choices we can return to wellness (Ayurveda a brief introduction and guide).

When considering natural health solutions we also use the Chinese five element theory. In particular this is the basis for the seasonal and Yin yoga styles which work with the dominant meridian or energy lines of each season.

During the course of your stay we  offer:

Dietary advice

Many of the food combinations  in the Western diet hamper good digestion, especially when combined with a stressful lifestyle. Consequently, conditions such as IBS, hyperacidity, GERD and allergies are on the increase. Unlike much of the dietary advice currently available. We explain the principles of food combining and look to identify how your diet or schedule may be affecting your overall health.


We talk through your daily routine and issues and help you with both guided mindful relaxation sessions and the powerful Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep – and we share stress busting tips to take away. And just being at Valley View is a total stress- buster

Yoga for you

No need to touch your toes. On our Wellness breaks the yoga is about exploration not achievement. Gentle yoga exercises can help you become aware of patterns in mind and body that may be hampering the way you function.

Introduction to meditation

Struggling to meditate? Don’t see the point? We can point out the benefits and suggest different approaches. And help you get started with a personal practice.

Ayurvedic wellness diet and lifestyle three night stays start at £400 per person for a single room with private bathroom or £650 per couple sharing a double room.

Treatments, in depth wellness consultations, and guided walks can be booked separately for Sunday p.m and participants are welcome to stay on and enjoy the beauty of Valley View until dusk.

Ayurvedic Wellness Weekend Sample Program