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Ayurvedic consultations

Ayurveda to rebalance and detox

Ayurvedic consultations

 Ayurveda helps us understand how the elements,  space, air, fire, earth and water work in the body. It explains how, when out of balance, the elements (known as ‘doshas’) create ‘dis-ease’. And how, through diet and lifestyle choices, we can return to wellness. Ayurvedic consultations help you recognise your unique body type or constitution. This identifies which  ‘dosha’ is out of balance and suggests how to rebalance so as to regain health. 

Dietary Advice

Gut health and is at the heart of Ayurveda as it teaches that all imbalances start in the digestive tract. Many of the food combinations  in the Western diet hamper good digestion, especially when combined with a stressful lifestyle. Conditions such as IBS, hyperacidity, GERD and allergies are on the increase. Unlike much of the dietary advice currently available  Ayurveda takes your unique constitution and current state of imbalance into account before making dietary recommendations and also looks at other lifestyle factors that may be impacting on health and vitality.

Ayurvedic consultationsAyurveda is a transformative practice which encourages us to consider every aspect of how we live. Yet many of its principles are simple to adopt and have a profound affect on health and well-being.

Ayurvedic consultations £60

At Yogandspice we offer Ayurvedic consultations to retreat guests and also to visitors or by Skype. With supporting cooking or yoga sessions if required contact Lorraine to discuss or book an appointment. Cost £60 for first session with written report. £35 for each follow up. 

Wellness programme

Your Yogandspice Ayurvedic wellness programme might include

The right diet for you based on fresh seasonal plant based foods and spices that will detoxify, energise and revitalise mind and body.

Yoga postures  to develop awareness of the interior movement of your body. And help break habits that may be hindering your return to wellness.

Mindfulness and meditation to provide tools to help make sense of our mind so we can enjoy living in the moment.

Lifestyle considerations in the light of your unique mind body type

Supporting therapies: massage, oils and other treatments all balance the ‘doshas’ and promote well-being.