Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga

We are excited to add aerial yoga to our menu. Aerial yoga is a total body workout which tones muscles and regenerates and strengthens joints. It improves flexibility and is amazingly helpful where there is an imbalance in the body. When you are upside down the spine is given a chance to decompress. Aerial has psychological benefits too… how better to clear the mind than hang upside down? And it is great fun – a true mood enhancer.

For aerial newcomers, achieving an inversion in the aerial hammock at the culmination of every class, is a great sense of achievement. And it is only the beginning of a really fun experience.

The hammock can also be used to support and stretch. Because of the support it provides it often allowing a movement that you may not have been able to manage on the floor. And it is great for balancing postures.

Inversions not obligatory…

…but I’m sure you’ll want to do them.

Aerial yoga practices can be energetic and challenging or restorative and relaxing. Inversions are the highlight of most classes. They are not obligatory – but most students feel ready to have a go by the end of their first class. The hammock can also be a cocoon and a place of rest – a perfect place to draw your attention inwards and enjoy a Yoga Nidra.

We will be arranging aerial yoga retreats in 2022. You can book an aerial yoga class any time you are staying with us or add an aerial yoga class to your peronalised retreat.